MONDAY, December 5, 2016

Topic of the day:

Eye Witness Account

Daily Agenda:

1. Do Now
2. Quiz
3. Group Work - Eye Witness Account
4. Elizabeth Loftus clip


*Work on notecards & study for Exam on Wednesday!!!

TUESDAY, December 6, 2016

Topic of the day:

Review for Exam

Daily Agenda:

1. Review Exam on Memory


FLASHCARDS due Tomorrow!!!: Recall, Recognition, Encoding, Retrieval, Sensory Memory, Short-term Memory, Effortful Processing, Automatic Processing, Mnemonics, Flashbulb Memory, Priming, Context-dependent Memory, State-dependent Memory, Serial Position Effect, Anterograde Amnesia, Retrograde Amnesia, Proactive Interference, Retroactive Interference, Repression, Misinformation Effect. (These 20 flashcards are due the day of the Memory exam)



Choose 1 free response essay question to answer. Do NOT answer both.

To receive full credit, 6 concepts from the chosen free response questions must be defined and applied to the scenario for a total of 30 points. Defining & applying extra concepts from that question (and not the other question) will result in Extra Credit. Defining concepts from other question will NOT result in Extra Credit.

Jacque learned to speak Italian when she was in 1st grade and was able to speak, read, and write Italian fairly well by 4th grade. She moved to a new school system that did not have Italian as a choice for World Languages, so she decided to take Spanish. Sometimes she found herself saying and writing words in Italian as she completed her Spanish assignments. Often, she remembered the vocabulary in Italian before she said the word in Spanish. Sometimes she felt like knowing Italian helped her learn Spanish, but sometimes she thought it just confused her! When Jacque was in her Spanish classroom, she felt more at ease with the Spanish language. She also noticed that she was more likely to remember Spanish when she was in a happy mood because she was in a good mood when she learned the language. When she went to an Italian restaurant, she enjoyed being able to read the menu to her friends if it was written in Italian. Lastly, Jacque finds herself remembering vocabulary of these languages for exams better when she studies by using flashcards. As the semester progresses, she also discovered that cramming a large study session prior to exams is not as helpful as studying some vocabulary words each day.

Briefly define each concept and use an example to show how each concept is related to Jacque’s experiences.

· Working Memory

· Effortful Processing

· State-dependent Memory

· Proactive Interference

· Retroactive Interference

· Testing Effect

· Spacing Effect

Explain how these brain structures play a role in Jacque’s memory processing.

· Hippocampus

· Amygdala

WEDNESDAY, December 7, 2016

Topic of the day:


Daily Agenda:

1. Exam



THURSDAY, December 8, 2016

Topic of the day:

Vertical Alignment Testing

Daily Agenda:

1. Vertical Alignment Testing


*WRITE DOWN: Why are habits so hard to break? Give examples

*Read p.266-267

FRIDAY, December 9, 2016

Topic of the day:

Intro to Learning

Daily Agenda:

1. Do Now
2. Group Work - Habits
3. Basics of Learning


*WRITE DOWN: Explain classical conditioning.

*Read p.268-270