MONDAY, November 20, 2017
Topic: Biology of the Mind
*Explain differences between the brain of men versus women.
*Explain the functions of parts of the brain.
Class Work:
*Do Now
*Quiz – 7 parts of brain (matching)
*Finish difference between Men & Women’s brains
*Group Work: Name & explain the 3 parts of your hindbrain & 4 parts of your forebrain.
*In-Class Reading: p.61-62 (Tools of discovery)
HW: Read p.69-71
*Name & describe the 4 lobes of the brain.

TUESDAY, November 21, 2017
Topic: Biology of the Mind
*Define brain plasticity
*Explain the situation of Phineas Gage and the connection to brain plasticity
Class Work:
*Do Now
*PPT: Brain plasticity
*Video: Jody & brain plasticity
*Group Work: What does this clip have to do with brain plasticity?
*PPT: Phineas Gage
*Group Work: Explain the Phineas Gage incident and what it has to do with brain plasticity.
HW: None

WEDNESDAY - FRIDAY, November 22-24, 2017
NO SCHOOL - Thanksgiving Break