MONDAY, November 6, 2017
Topic: Biological Bases
*Identify parts of a neuron & explain each parts role in transmitting a signal between neurons when they communicate with one another.
Class Work:
*Do Now
*Lecture: Phrenology
*Group Work: Draw & label a neuron
*Group Work: Name & explain the parts of a neuron
*Class Demo: Neuron Transmission SQUEEZE CHAIN
*Sensory (Afferent), Interneurons, Motor (Efferent) neurons
HW: Read p. 49-52 (first 4 pages of reading packet)
*Describe the structure of a neuron by drawing & labeling it.

TUESDAY, November 7, 2017
Topic: Biology of the Mind
*Explain the process of action potential and how a neuron fires.
*Differentiate between the 7 main types of neurotransmitters & discuss the influence of drugs on neurotransmitters.
*Explain reuptake.
*Differentiate between agonists & antagonists.
Class Work:
*Do Now: Draw a neuron
*Choose student for SQ2
*Quiz over reading
*All-or-nothing DEMO
*Worksheet: Neurotransmitters
*Lecture: Neurotransmitters PPT
*Neurotransmitters & Drugs (Reuptake)
HW: None

WEDNESDAY, November 8, 2017
Topic: Biology of the Mind
Class Work:
*Do Now
*Finish up group work and other info from Monday & Tuesday

*Describe how certain drugs act at the synapse or how specific physical conditions or mental disorders are linked to an abundance or deficit of specific neurotransmitters (such as the link between Parkinson’s disease and dopamine deficiency)
HW: None

THURSDAY, November 9, 2017
Topic: Biology of the Mind
Class Work:
*Do Now
*Read: p.59-60 and answer questions on worksheet
How does the body communicate internally?
  1. A. Discuss the effects of the endocrine system on behavior (p.59-60). Provide an example involving an endocrine gland, its hormone, and its effect.
  2. B. HOMEWORK: Take notes on p. 55-58. Describe the central & peripheral nervous systems and their functions.
HW: Read p.55-58 (last 4 pages of reading packet)

FRIDAY, November 10, 2017
NO SCHOOL – Veteran’s Day